Blog ”Bankromat“
We stand behind businesses’ backs as they move towards their goals. We are a very smart and experienced law firm committed to protecting our clients’ interests while being uncomfortable for opponents.
We have been winning proceedings relating to bankruptcy, economic, corporate, tax matters and economic offences successfully dealing with challenging legal projects for 15 years.
Our product is the ability to identify and apply customized legal solutions capable of eliminating everything that prevents our client from generating profits. We can see a complete picture of reality, avoid standard moves and leave no doubt about where to win.
We tailor for the client one robust solution to their case without unnecessary elements or words, which is often unique for the company’s practice and the entire legal market. Our legal positions are not only competence, state-of-the-art expertise and fresh look but also knowledge of the economy and business domains and deep insight into the aspects of a specific activity.
Every our case is a unique one. It is accessible to principals and closed to everyone else. We use it to go back to the past and then back to the future to protect your business in the present without even disturbing you. When time is the main resource of our client, nothing should distract their mind from money.
We turn litigation investments into results and have already done this many times for the owners of Russian and foreign companies and large assets operating in the power, banking and financial sectors, real estate, construction, industrial production, IT, media and telecommunications which enables us to say frankly what will happen next and you’ll like the answer. Our company’s performance is confirmed by millions worth of funds returned to our clients.
Regional projects are of paramount importance in our practice — we take the first flight to wherever the client needs us to be regardless of the weather and destination. Our operating footprint depends only on the engagement, which may cover several Russian cities in the west and east at a time. The variety of courts and their opinions do not prevent us from saving a business, whether operating in the Ural Mountains or on the Sakhalin Island, or a casino in Sochi.
For us, every engagement is a special case and we do not accept it just for the sake of the matter itself forgetting for whom and why we are doing this — there are people behind any business and it is people we always think of and protect by defending the interests of a company.